La Triple Alianza, July 2016

Journey with Mexican Fashion Designer Sergio Casanova.
The church of Santiago Apostol is one of the oldest parish churches built by the Spanish after arriving in Mexico in 1519. It lays abandoned next to the actual church of the city of Tultepec, one and a half hours out North of Mexico City.

Gay Pride 2016, Mexico City

The Mexicans love to live their life to the fullest. Freely, loud, screaming from the top of their lungs how they feel.

Since Machismo is still a vivid phenomenon in the country Mexico keeps struggling with a high level of Homophobia. The yearly Gay Pride Parade leaves hundreds of Thousands of Mexican Gays and Lesbians a space to express and celebrate their identity.

800.000 took to the streets this year to dance and show off in exotic costumes until  the heavy rains washed away almost all of the gathering at the Zócalo in Mexico City.

Tulum Tulum...

Caribbean waves meet Jamaican beats..



Going about my ways happily
Living luckily
Growing naturally
Speaking softly
Dreaming oddly
Speaking honestly


Aterrizando al Planeta ...